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The father of psychosocial genomics, Ernest Lawrence Rossi, left us.

2020-10-06T15:26:23+00:00Settembre 22nd, 2020|

Genius and Joy Ernest Lawrence Rossi 26 March 1933 – 19 September 2020 At 87 ½ years of age, at 11:19 PM, September 19th, 2020, Ernest Rossi passed on of natural causes in his home library - with a smile on his face.   For the 30 years that I, Kathryn Rossi, knew him, Ernest lived [...]

The Psychosocial Genomics of Consciousness, Dreams, and Brain Growth in Psychotherapy and Mind-Body Healing

2018-05-02T12:29:38+00:00Novembre 2nd, 2016|

Art, Beauty and Truth are essential human experiences in a new Psychosocial Genomic theory of how gene expression, brain plasticity, and rehabilitation can be facilitated by novelty, enrichment, and exercise in psychotherapy.

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