2006 – Expectations of Hypnosis Future: A New Neuroscience School of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, and Rehabilitation

By Ernest Rossi, Kathryn Rossi, Mauro Cozzolino & Salvatore Iannotti


We outline our expectations for a new bioinformatic and neuroscience of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation based on the Human Genome Project. Just as The Human Genome Project identified the psychobiological foundations of modern medicine with the new technology of sequencing DNA during the past decade, we propose extending this bioinformatic knowledge base with the technologies of DNA/proteomic microarray research and brain imaging. We would implement this research program with an International PsychoSocial and Cultural Bioinformatics Project to explore the clinical foundations of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation on all levels from the molecular-genomic to the psychological, cultural, social, and spiritual.