The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Vol. 2, Issue II, June 2016


The main difference between therapeutic and research approaches that preceeded Psychosocial Genomics is that the models developed to date, although effective, they were often at an only level, negleting the others, thus losing sight of connectivity issue between the different parts and the complexity of the whole. Both in Psychology and Psychotherapy, on the one hand, we have had approaches that have focused attention exclusively on the psychological dimension, leaving out the body size, while on the other hand, we had models that have considered the only body size in both the phenomenological and psycho-physiological dimension.

In fact so far, we have not had a theoretical model that would contain within it all processes and operating levels of mankind in his totality. I believe that this is essentially due to the difficulty of holding together this complexity and at the same time finding the connections between different levels of analysis. […] Mauro Cozzolino