The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Number 1 / October 2014

  • A New Vision of the Psychotherapeutic Arts.
  • The Creative Psychosocial and Cultural.
    Genomic Healing Experience.
  • A bioinformatic analysis of the molecular-genomic signature of therapeutic hypnosis.
  • The Beginner’s Mind.


At the recent 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Congress that took place in California, USA The International Journal ofPsychosocial Genomics: Consciousness and Health Research was introduced to more than 8,000 professionals in counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, meditation, mental health, genomics, rehabilitation and translational medicine by our Founding Editors, Mauro Cozzolino, Ernest Rossi, Giovanna Celia and Kathryn Rossi.

Ourfounding editors described the scientific and social mission of this new journal with illustrations of the transformations of human consciousness over the past 200 and 100 years. Taken together these illustrations of the deep philosophical and psychobiological transformations of consciousness tell a fascinating story that highlights our motivation for creating The International Journal ofPsychosocial Genomics: Consciousness and Health Research.

Our first editorial describes these two illustrations as examples of a new discipline of the digital humanities – the use of computer algorithms to search for meaning in large databases of text and media. This new digital discipline is used to explore 200 years of the cultural history of the transformations of consciousness inover five million digitized books from more than 40 university librariesaround the world. They compare the frequencies of English words like ‘religion, spirit, faith and hope,’ which have been gradually losing their digital linguistic frequency over the past 200 years while words like ‘science, teaching, sex, brain and consciousness have been gaining. What can this mean?

The second illustration provides a hint. It shows that over the past 100 years the words ‘DNA’ and ‘cognitive’ shot upward exponentially together while words like ‘medicine, meditation, psychotherapy, placebo and hypnosis followed a simple linear path at the bottom. We take this to mean that our DNA and conscious cognitions are now interacting together to create a new mind and global culture. Our journal presumes to tell this new story of our evolving human nature.