The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Number 2 February 2015


The beautiful image of a psychosocial genomic star map of the snca/sncb twin genes (Pag.15, Fig.6) tries to explain the profound but still unknown implications for consciousness and health research in optimizing the human condition. A key paper in this issue by Ernest and Kathryn Rossi suggests how such psychosocial genomic star maps could point the way to recovery from stress related problems such as drug addictions, anxiety, anger, depression and psychosomatic issues. They introduce a new set of psychosocial genomic concepts on all levels from mind to experience-dependent gene expression and brain plasticity for creating new consciousness.

They illustrate how to map the 4-Stage creative cycle onto the 90-120 minute basic rest-activity cycle to reduce stress and facilitate top performance in work and play. They explore how to use the novelty-numinosumneurogenesis-effect and the self observer for optimizing memory, learning and integrating the mind. […]

Mauro Cozzolino
and Giovanna Celia