The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Number 3 June 2015


The neuroscience evolution of Ericksonian approach is a consequence of the latest findings on mind-gene relationship. Starting from M.H. Erickson’s intuitions on mindbody functioning, in several papers of this issue we present some important neuroscience findings that confirm all that defining Erickson’s work as a meta-model of healing. The readers will know how these discoveries can be used in the clinical intervention to conduct their patients to healing. So we theoretically and clinically state an integrated perspective with patients suffering from organic and/or psychopathological problems to facilitate a better mind-body communication.

These new indications can perfectly fit into participants’ clinical practice, independently from the clinical approach they already use. We are aware that Psychosocial and Cultural Genomics can seem a complex perspective generating some confusion, but after this initial effect everything will appear simpler to be understood and used in own activity. We strongly believe every single issue of journal could be a growth in term of translational neuroscience and therapeutic effectiveness. […]

Mauro Cozzolino
and Giovanna Celia