The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Number 4 October 2015


During the last years there has been increased discussion about the reliability of psychological research. Criticism has been activated not only because of many important cases of scientific fraud, but also because of numerous failures to replicate previous scientific findings. We can consider the recent findings of the “Reproducibility Project” as the largest effort to replicate published research in psychology. Researchers selected 100 papers published in prominent psychological journals and found that only 39 could be replicated. All that increased skepticism about the way psychologists conduct research studies. These critiques on failures to replicate many high-profile studies have been used for proclaiming a “replication crisis” in psychology.

When several cases of published research cannot be reproduced by independent and objective scholars, then it is honest asking the meaning and value of our discipline. These evidences are legitimizing the popular notion of psychology as a “soft and fragile science”.[…] Mauro Cozzolino