The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research


Traditional psychotherapy deals primarily with Observing Consciousness. The domain of “Traditional Psychotherapy,” the way we were taught in psychotherapy schools, is to dialogue with patients where we discuss their “problems” and world view with human language. We talk with words, sentences, figures of speech, case histories, narratives, stories, myths, psychological and spiritual metaphors etc. And then again we analyze, advise, create strategies for better living etc. Even the good Ericksonian psychotherapist, like most other schools of psychotherapy, talks to patients in their own language to optimize rapport and understanding. Next to what is done by other approaches more a good Ericksonian therapist follows Milton Erickson’s advice by immediately picking up and utilizing the patient’s actual words, points of view, figures of speech, attitudes, etc. However, from our current neuroscience perspective, there are limitations to these early paradigms of “Traditional or Narrative Psychology.”[…]

Mauro Cozzolino