Research Goals

The research in Psychosocial Genomics aims to extend and integrate the neuroscience knowledge base with the technology of gene expression via DNA/proteomic microarray research and brain imaging in development, stress, healing, rehabilitation, and the psychotherapeutic facilitation of existential wellness.

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The Research Team

The Psychosocial Genomics Research Team is composed by experts, everyone of them representing different countries and different disciplines.

The aim of this team is to promote the growth, the knowledge and the development of the innovative research and therapeutic instruments, which are based on an epistemology and an experimental methodology focused on an integrated mind-body prospective. This integrated methodology is deriving from a multilevel mind-genes connection.

The Psychosocial and Cultural Genomics Research Team is the first group of experts sharing this kind of common project all over the world.

Here you can download the attachment to Cozzolino and Celia’s interview by Marilia Baker. The interview will be published by the Milton H Erickson Foundation Newsletter in mid-August 2017.

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