The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics Consciousness & Health Research

Vol. 2, Issue III, Oct, 2016


The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s online database, GLOBOCAN, estimates predict a substantive increase to 19.3 million new cancer cases per year by 2025, due to multiple factors. I think that it is an important reason to promote an integration of care models frequently used in Oncology. The cancer represents a great challenge to the scientific community that we can only fight using our capacity of manage the complexity of this disease. In this context we need to promote research and evidence-based intervention models able to improve our clinical efficacy and reduce the socio-economic costs. For this reason, in literature, we note the beginning of many research projects oriented toward an integration of care based on psychological and medical aspects simultaneously (Antoni, 2013; Antoni et al. 2012, Niles et al. 2014). […] Mauro Cozzolino